Booti Boost Heart Care Naturally


             Booti Boost Heart Care Naturally

Booti powder is a product with the various heath benefits. Booti is a powdered form product that helps in balancing cholesterol level of the body. 
Booti supports cardiac health and helps in boosting metabolism of the body. Booti delivering necessary energy level and enhancing immune system are the most essential aspects of the product.

 Booti is a perfect blend of natural herbs with no added artificial preservatives and flavours. Thus, it provides overall benefits to the body in a most pure and natural way.

Booti acts as a cholesterol support for the body. It is a blend of various essential ingredients (such as Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Flax seed, Walnut, Tej Patta, Muskmelon seed and Sugarcane) that have magical properties and long lasting effect on your health.

Booti is a perfect combination of natural ayurvedic basils beneficial to the human health in various aspects in a most natural form. 

Booti Powder is a health benefit product in many ways such as supporting cardiac health, booting metabolism of the body, delivering necessary energy, enhance immune system and many more.

      Booti Boost Heart Care Naturally

Health Benefits of Booti:



     Booti Boost to metabolism.

  • Booti Provides necessary energy and immunity.
  • Booti Supports Cardiac health and helps in balancing Cholesterol levels.
  • Natural source of essential fatty acids including Omega 3,6, and 9 & Antioxidants.
  • Booti Support overall health.

Powered with the unique and effective blend of Flaxseed, Walnut, Cinnamon and Bay Leaf, Booti is an ayurvedic concoction that supports natural cholesterol support and good heart health in the body. 

Booti also fights bad cholesterol and acts as a natural source of antioxidants to thebody.



                         How use to take Booti:

 Take 1 teaspoon Booti powder with warm water on an empty stomach, 45-60 minutes before breakfast, in the morning. One pack of Booti contains 100 grams of powder.


          What’s inside Booti ? 

Flaxseed, Walnut, Cinnamon,Bay Leaf

                Why AADAR Booti?

✓ FDCA Approved
✓ All Natural Ingredients
✓ Tested for Heavy Metals
✓ Safe for Daily Use

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